Why you choose Eleaf iStick Pico?

You may be holding a iStick Pico mod in hand because this Eleaf stuff is really popular among vapers. Then which features impress you so much? I personably think it can be the powerful 75 watts output in this tiny and compact mod. It seems to be incredible that the small mod can have so high power output. Yeah, you don’t need to doubt its powerful functionality.  Except for this feature, you can still enjoy multi temperature controlled vaping experience(Ti/Ni/SS/TCR). Also similar operation methods you can use on this Eleaf mod!Hurry to start up different vaping on iStick Pico Mod!


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iStick Pico Mod 75 watt with compact size!

This Eleaf iStick Pico 75 watt is so suitable to hold in your palm, sized by 45mm*23mm*70.5mm. Still 75 watt power output, is it amazing stuff? I think so.  Innovative design on its side with only fire button and screen display. Where are the adjustment buttons? A different design on this stuff is the location of adjustment buttons, placed on the bottom, beside the ventilation holes. Hold this tiny and compact stuff will give you so distinctive vaping experience.



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Reuleaux RX200S front and back cover is available on official authorized online store!

Replace your RX200S front and back cover? Four colors of front and back cover are available for your RX200S on this official authorized online store wismec.org.  Only $5.2 you can get a favorite color option among these four choices. Here is the link http://www.wismec.org/reuleaux-rx200s-front-and-back-cover.html you can get a favorite cover for RX200S.


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I personally think iStick 30 watt is the most beautiful Eleaf mod!

Although there has released many iStick series mods, i always think iStick 30 watt is the most beautiful one and i like it best. Similar design as the previous iStick series, such as iStick 20W, mini, this iStick 30 watt is nearly identical in general. But you can notice the streamlined design on top, making it look so beautiful and so suitable for many atomizers. Look at the below picture and is it impressive? This is the official authorized online store you can get a premium one.


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The depatchable structure of iNano Kit!

istick-iNano-Kit2Want to learn about the detailed structure of iNano Kit? You can check clearly these components through the below picture.  This kit is comprised by two parts, battery and inano atomizer.  You can see the atomizer can be seprated into two sections: tank and top section. The atomizer and inano battery can be connected well through the magnetic connector. After assembling these parts, just press the fire button and you can enjoy the direct output voltage on this tiny iNano Kit. Although it’s not poweful enough, only 10 watt maximum output with 650mAh battery capacity,  its tiny size will be absolutely the reason why you should give it a try.  Hold this stuff to spend your summber holiday!


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