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Overview about OPPO RTA

OPPO RTA is an new device designed by Eleaf, it comes with two colors for your options, features a 2ml e-juice capacity, and you don't have to worry about leaking issues becuase its top-filling system. Also the detachable structure make it easy to clean.

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About the mode choice for Wismec RXmini Kit

About Wismec RXmini kit, in addition to the multi beautiful colors options, there are also various mode options for your enjoyment. It  equipped with switchable VW, Bypass, TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS and TCR mode, and all of this will provide you with different vaping experiences.

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Yeah Mon Skin TO Decorate Your iStick Pico Kit

Here I want to recommend you a Yeah Mon Skin to decorating your iStick Pico Kit, it will make your device look nore special than the other people and it is very easy to DIY By Yourself If you know the way to decorate your device, you can change the look everyday !just need some special wallpepar.
This is the Yeah Mon-Eleaf iStick Pico Kit。

200W TC Mod from Eleaf firmware upgradable!

It’s so unbelievable that you can get a so powerful stuff, 200W maximum power output you can obtain! Yeah, it’s the Eleaf iStick TC200W. Still on this powerful stuff, you can enjoy the advanced TC system. Also only with this 200W mod, you can get more versions of power output because it’s firmware upgradable.  From the below picture, you can give the beautiful stuff a view. Is it so charming?

How many 30watt vaporization devices have you ever tried?

If you have been an experienced vaper or are becoming a vaper,  you must have tried some low-power output vaporization devices and are trying some stuffs like this.  30 watts power output may be the suitable power point where you should start in vaping. Now in the vaping industry, there appeared many 30W vaporization devices, such as Joyetech eGrip OLED 30W CL Version Starter Kit , Cloupor Mini 30W, Sigelei Mini 30W, Aspire ESP 30W Mod , Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Battery Kit 30W and Eleaf iStick 30W. I personally think the iStick 30W is the most suitable for beginners when you are starting vaping. This stuff is featured with compact and tiny size, convenient for portability, also simple and easy operation.  All buttons are located on the side of the mod for starting or adjusting vaping, with expanded power output over the previous iStick 20W.  Wanna give this iStick 30W a try?

How about your vaping experience on Wismec Reuleaux mods?

The Reuleaux DNA200 is the first Reuleaux series device, a high end mod with advanced temperature control system, powered by DNA200 technology. The applied DNA200 is a chip made by evolv that is used in many devices. It is a very advanced piece of hardware that can be used to customize virtually anything with the device, and show it to you real time if attached to a PC. For example, it can read the temperature in the room you are using it.  So advanced and intelligent stuff is really worthy your trying!

A partial-hand-sized iStick Pico Mod appears!

Are you seeking a so tiny stuff? Maybe you will be excited when you are informed this news: Eleaf iStick Pico mod comes. So tiny stuff, you can still enjoy the maximum 75 watt power output. Then what unique design makes it so tiny yet powerful device? You can check clearly that this stuff is powered by single 18650 cell which stands out on top, making the full size diminished, the smallest 75 watt box mod appearing in the market.  Wanna give this tiny stuff a try? Here is the official authorized online store you can get various Eleaf iStick series products.

How about comparing iStick 200W with Wismec RX200?

Wismec’s DNA-200 and simpler RX-200 mods are among the most popular and highly regarded temp control boxes. Although Wismec, like Eleaf, is a subsidiary company within the Joyetech family, Eleaf’s iStick 200W TC takes clear aim at the RX-200 as its primary competition. Similarities to and differences from the RX-200 (now 250W after the most recent firmware upgrade) are noteworthy. Both mods use the same chip with the same menu options. Both are firmware upgradable. Both use three 18650s in a hexagonal design, although their ergonomics differ: The RX-200 is hexagonally symmetrical, with the firing/adjustment buttons and display screen on one of the two short sides, while the iStick 200W puts the buttons and display on the wider front, with a more rounded profile on the back. Another great advantage you can enjoy on iStick 200W TC is the relatively cheap price, which you can not find on Wismec products. Moreover, though many vapers think Eleaf iStick are designed mainly for beginners,  it can be assured that this 200w box mod is not aimed at beginners. So if you wanna give a powerful output device a try, you of course can not miss it. Here on this official authorized online store you can get your iStick 200W TC mod.

What 75 watt mod do you own?

In terms of power output, the 75 watt is still enough though more powerful mods are appearing.  This kind of mod is especially suitable for intermediate and advanced vapers.   I own Joyetech eVic VTC Mini 75w and iStick Pico Kit for my 75 watt vaping attempt. These two stuff are perfect in performance.  From the appearance, you can notice eVic VTC Mini is a heavy and compact one with screen display, adjustment button, fire button and usb cable on the side. Compared with eVic VTC mini, iStick Pico is an extraordinary tiny stuff, supported by single 18650 cell, battery cap standing out on top. Different from the previous iStick series, this one places the adjustment buttons on the bottom, besides the ventilation holes.  Tiny and cute size, colorful options. So i will preferably the iStick Pico Mod. I got a complete kit with iStick Pico mod and Melo III Mini with a cheap deal on this official authorized online store!

The depatchable structure of iNano Kit!

Want to learn about the detailed structure of iNano Kit? You can check clearly these components through the below picture.  This kit is comprised by two parts, battery and inano atomizer.  You can see the atomizer can be seprated into two sections: tank and top section. The atomizer and inano battery can be connected well through the magnetic connector. After assembling these parts, just press the fire button and you can enjoy the direct output voltage on this tiny iNano Kit. Although it’s not poweful enough, only 10 watt maximum output with 650mAh battery capacity,  its tiny size will be absolutely the reason why you should give it a try.  Hold this stuff to spend your summber holiday!

I personally think iStick 30 watt is the most beautiful Eleaf mod!

Although there has released many iStick series mods, i always think iStick 30 watt is the most beautiful one and i like it best. Similar design as the previous iStick series, such as iStick 20W, mini, this iStick 30 watt is nearly identical in general. But you can notice the streamlined design on top, making it look so beautiful and so suitable for many atomizers. Look at the below picture and is it impressive? This is the official authorized online store you can get a premium one.

Reuleaux RX200S front and back cover is available on official authorized online store!

Replace your RX200S front and back cover? Four colors of front and back cover are available for your RX200S on this official authorized online store  Only $5.2 you can get a favorite color option among these four choices. Here is the link you can get a favorite cover for RX200S.

Lots More Options,No Tobacco !

New year, You should do some good changes.Making the switch makes life simpler, easier, and replaces what you’re accustomed to about cigarette smoking with a similar alternative, minus the actual smoke. Same pleasure, lots more options, no tobacco.

The first thing to consider when deciding to switch is to purchase a starter kit. Like the name says, it’s a kit made for starting. We carry a wide selection of them, comprised around an enormous array of products that can fit the needs of anyone who vapes or is interested in starting. Here is a very suitable Start kit for you , Eleaf iJust Start Kit ,just like it’s name and can bring you to switch.

Unbelieveable ! Only $54.9 Can Buy One Wismec RX200

Unbelieveable! Buy a Wismec Reuleaux RX200 200 Watt Mod Only $54.9!
Where ?
Of course the Wismec Official Authorized Online Store.  Not only with good quality ,also very low price, have a look about RX200 frist.

Know More click on

Feet care to fasten detoxification

Due to the special structure of human body, all organs are connected with the feet. The peripheral nerve blocks are the so-called reflection area. Clinical experiments show that men’s feet are the epitome of the three-dimensional distribution of human organs and tissues. When there are organs or glands abnormalities, the foot reflection zone will have crystal deposition which becomes aching. The touch response of each point is different, some like sand, some particles, some only a sensation of swelling. Stimulus can accelerate toxin elimination and achieve therapeutic effect.
Health care prevention and disease treatments can be divided into three categories: one is baking and fumigation with medicine ; The second is moxibustion and plaster; The third is massage and a variety of physical methods.
Massages on Yongquan acupuncture point
1, Soaking the feet with hot brine. The temperature of the water should be in your acceptable range. Add in a small amount of salt. Every day before bedtime, soak the feet for 15 ~ 30 minutes.
2, Push, knead and pat the yongquan point.
3, Apply moxibustion or moxibustion with medicine until you feel heat in the yongquan point.
4, Sit in the bed with the feet separate naturally or sit cross-legged. Then repeatedly rub from the heels to the tiptoe with two thumbs. Or, pat the point with both palms until you feel heat in the feet.
5, Take supine or prone position, rubbing the feet against each other. Or rub the feet against other equipment.

Meizitang seems to have redefined

Meizitang  seems to have redefined the way people look at diet pills. It seems to be a major breakthrough in weight loss science. Clinical trials have shown that garcinia extract can help lose weight even without diet, exercise or any other change in lifestyle.
Meizitang  is a small fruit that it native to Asian countries like India. It is proven to be a highly powerful appetite suppressor. It also busts fat in the body. More importantly, it is known to prevent fat production in the body.
“Meizitang  contains HCA or hydroxycitric acid that is known to inhibit an enzyme that converts carbohydrates into fat in the body. This is extremely important since less fat produced means less fat accumulated in the body” explains a spokesperson.
Garcinia diet pills come in various potencies and compositions. Some of the best ones have been reviewed by the popular weight loss site .
Slimmers conducted a Pure Meizitang  Diet Pills Review and few of the main points highlighted include the following:
– Meizitang  Extra is the finest and most powerful garcinia diet pill in the market since it combines an optimum dose of garcinia extract with powerful mix of raspberry ketones. This pills not only busts fat in the body but also helps suppress appetite. It also prevents fat accumulation and helps in detoxifying body. People have been getting extremely positive results with it and user feedback in highly encouraging. Furthermore, it comes with a 60 days no fuss money back guarantee to ensure ultimate customer satisfaction.

One of the leading health problems

One of the leading health problems in the world is the obesity. 1 out of every 3 people in the world is overweight. And it might seem simple to say, but to really reduce fat and get a well-toned body is not as easy as it sounds. Some people have a tendency to gain fat. The reason may be lack of physical labor, overeating or just because it is genetic. It’s a common known fact that overweight is not just a problem, it’s a generator of lot of other severe health problems like diabetes, heart problems, stroke, etc.
There are many products out there in the market boasting that they work, but when it comes to reality only few live up to their promises. Thus the question arises which product to really trust. A quite simple answer is the Green coffee bean max. Though it’s been relatively less famous few years ago, but its popularity has seen a boom lately.
Reasons for Its Popularity
The reason for the popularity of the Green Coffee bean max is that, it has an immediate and certain effect on obesity. It is made up of 100% natural content so there is no risk of side effects, which is a major problem with artificially synthesized products. There are absolutely no preservatives or additives as well which further decreases the risk of side effects.
This green coffee bean outruns many others in the market also because it has purest of ingredient in it. Also it’s featuring on TV shows and at other mass communication means has made it known to a large mass of people who upon its use have benefited.
Does Green Coffee Bean Max Really Work?
Green Coffee Bean Max has been verified scientifically and through many researches. It has shown good results against the problem of overweight. It contains chlorogenic acid which is very effective against number of health problems. The antioxidant present helps increasing metabolism, which in turn results in reduction of useless fat in the body which otherwise keep on accumulating.
Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Max:
As it is natural and free from any kind of adulterated ingredient, it’s the most reliable and genuine product out there in the market. It helps in the consumption of glucose in our body which stimulates the blood circulation and increases the consumption of oxygen in the blood. Besides weight reduction it also helps in maintaining the blood pressure of the body. And it also helps in preventing cancer which is one of the most deadly health problems throughout the world.

consulted with a number of other physicians

Taking the study a step further, Dr. Oz consulted with a number of other physicians and experts on diet and nutrition for their opinions about whether or not Yacon syrup promotes weight loss. What they had to say was possibly the most beneficial piece of information for viewers of The Dr. Oz Show that has never been addressed before―but should be: that many studies or claims of studies supporting a miracle pill or supplement for weight loss are not truly supported by rigorous scientific testing that proves or disproves purported benefits toward weight loss.
To put Yacon syrup to the test, Dr. Oz recruited 60 women to participate in a study by his staff where the women were followed for a 4-week period where they were instructed to eat one teaspoon of Yacon syrup with or before each meal. Furthermore, they were also instructed not to change their dieting or exercising habits during this period so that changes in their weight—if any―could be attributed to the Yacon syrup.
By the end of the 4-week long study period, 40 of the 60 women completed the study and yielded these results:
• 29 (73%) of the women lost weight
• 14 women lost five pounds or more
• Average weight loss was 2.9 pounds
• Average reduction in waist size was 1.9 inches
• Total weight lost among all the women was 153 pounds
• 27 (68%) recommended Yacon as a weight loss tool

A health clinic in suburban Denver says

A health clinic in suburban Denver says they have relocated, but the “new location” is empty. Now, clients of the clinic who have paid a hefty membership are left wondering – are they out of luck?
A sign outside of the Better Life Weight Loss Clinic in Wheat Ridge, Colo. says the company has moved to a new office, and provides an address and phone number.  However, the new location is unoccupied, reports CBS Denver.
All calls to the number given reach an answering machine.
Sunny, one of the company’s clients, who asked that the station not use her last name, says she enjoyed the program and had just renewed a four month contract for $500. But when she showed up for her weekly appointment, the clinic was no gone.
“The doors are closed, there’s no furniture, no computers, nothing,” said Sunny.
Megan Herrera, a spokeswoman for the Better Business Bureau (BBB), says the organization has been investigating a previous complaint against the company, reports the station.

She lost weight on the Atkins plan and exercising

The mag reports that Kim was with Dr. Ourian on Nov. 13 and a pal spills that she “is obsessed with him.” Kim’s rep told Life & Style that she does not see that doctor.
Kim’s rep also revealed to : “She did not spend $80,000 to  lishou slimming capsules get her body back. The photos of her visiting the doctor were of her accompanying her brother who was there for tattoo removal — she was there to support him. She lost weight on the Atkins plan and exercising.”
Kim took to her Twitter on Nov. 20 to vent: “I am very frustrated today seeing lishou capsule  reports that I got surgery to lose my baby weight! This is FALSE. I worked so hard to train myself to eat right & healthy, I work out so hard & this was such a challenge for me but I did it!!! I’m so proud of my accomplishment will take this away from me with fake reports! Say what u li shou slimming capsule  want about me but I work hard & am the most disciplined person u will ever meet!”
Life & Style spoke to a Kardashian family friend, who said: “Kim loved li shou strong version  being the sexy Kardashian and hated it when she was pregnant and gained all the weight. She’ll do anything to be the hot sister again. There’s competition among the girls.”“Kim is desperate to be sexy again,” a source tells the magazine.  lishou slimming capsule “She wants to go back to the way things were before North was both. She loves her daughter, but she loves herself and her image a lot, too.”

Your body looks like a baby

There they was, attractive Gisele Bundchen, hanging on a beach in Costa Rica with child Vivian and rocking wait, was that a string bikini? months after giving birth? What the what?
No one  begrudging Gisele her genes. But the picture makes you wonder: What does your average nonsupermodel look like 15 weeks postpartum? To give you an idea, Kristin Ford, 32, a social-media consultant from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, let Glamour photograph her and son Parker at the same number of days postpartum as Gisele and Vivian. Ford looks great but he expected better: I had this idea that my body would bounce back after pregnancy, he says. I’m still waiting. I’m bigger everywhere even in my knees!”
So how do Hollywood mothers do it? With the best trainers money can buy plus the threat of losing out on work. Celebrities experience a scary amount of pressure to drop the pounds,says trainer Ramona Braganza.Their careers depend on it.
Jessica Alba was in a swimsuit for a Campari advertisement not long after he had her first child. She did light weights weeks postpartum and intervals on the treadmill by week, Braganza says. Minimal downtime is the norm:I trained Meg Ryan the morning he went in to the hospital,says trainer Kathy Kaehler, who adds that he was at Julia Roberts door weeks after the actress delivered twins (twins!). Doesn’t exactly make you need to switch places with the stars, right?
Bottom Line: Cut yourself some slack if you’ve got a newborn: Your body , y’know, made another body. Focus on getting gentle exercise & plenty of protein, calcium, and vitamin D (to help rebuild muscle and bone)not on losing weight, says New York City heart specialist Holly Andersen, M.D. Ford’s take: “If I am choosing between a workout and time with Parker, Parker wins. Who cares if I cannot get my elderly pants over my thighs?”

From here you see the importance of breakfast

All say “breakfast to eat like a king”, but now many young workers do not pay too much attention to breakfast, some people just use cookies to your body, don’t even eat breakfast until noon, “fill” back. Not cooked all day breakfast can provide 30% of the energy and nutrient, other meals not back up! Do not eat breakfast in addition to cause hypoglycemia, a lot of bile, pancreatic disease and do not eat breakfast on the.
Too fine lack of nutrition
Do not eat breakfast is not good, but breakfast is too fine is useless. “Eat like a king” is not a breakfast to luxury fine, but say breakfast nutrition should be comprehensive. Milk, egg, fruit, vegetables, staple food nutrition in different everything there. Exquisite pastry although taste good, but single nutrition, and easy to be digested, not top hungry . A good breakfast should have not only nutrition to “full”, because the morning is usually focused on the time people work, such as two hours to be digested, 10 o’clock hungry, then can’t work.
An ideal breakfast had better have porridge, suggest that you eat oatmeal porridge is better, not only nutritious and continuous digestion time is long, can put five or six red dates porridge in VC, so breakfast staple food and fruit have, if there is time to do a tomato scrambled eggs, so that the vegetables and egg have. Breakfast milk is not small, it’s nutrition since Needless to say, and its digestion time is about 3 hours, more than twice the porridge. The staple food the best selection of Steamed Rice or potatoes, bread is better than Steamed buns.
The way to eat healthy
In order to sleep more, a lot of people would rather put breakfast on the way to work. In the street to eat snacks or walking and eating, not cooked breakfast only eat nutrition, but also to eat healthy. Wake up on the road, the road to eat breakfast, the influence of such habits on health is very big.
An hour before breakfast drink a cup of water to the best, help digestion liquid secretion, on the way to work, slowly is not possible, when walking, blood cannot fully to help digestion stomach peristalsis, causing indigestion.

Want to lose weight, to develop good habits

1, eat and sleep, will cause the body unable to fully digest the food into fat, accumulation is the cause of obesity. So as early as possible before dinner, more do not eat, eat and sleep to be spaced between 3 – 4 hours, to fully digest the food. If it is too busy postponed supper time, try to control carbohydrate food.
2, when you can’t stop eating snacks, or because they are lazy and not in accordance with the plan to exercise, the effect reducing weight is always unsatisfactory, then gradually abandoned, or even give up downsizing plan. In fact, these negative emotions is taboo for weight loss Oh, we should keep a “more defeat Vietnam” attitude, failed to encourage myself to say “no matter”, then double push myself, so that effective!
3, usually either standing or sitting, or, should always pay attention to the navel 3 cm below the pubic area, both the pose or motion, this position is very important, not only can change the external body, strengthen the exercise will also accelerate the metabolism.
4, in the weight of the MM who must pay attention to sleep, sleep quality directly affects all motion and dietary effects of weight-loss period. Sleep at least 7 hours before bedtime, do not eat, sleep do not turn on the lights is the way oh!

How to make a healthy salad

Eating salads is a great way to curb your appetite and add nutrients to your diet. But lurking in that salad bar (or your fridge) are salad staples that may up your overweight and calorie intake over you recognize.
If you require to know what to keep and what to toss as you toss your next salad, check out this advice on how to make healthy salads.
Basics for a Great Salad
At a salad bar, take a moment to look over the choice before you start preparing your plate so you can have healthy choices in mind beforehand. When you do start assembling your salad, pile up a giant amount of leafy greens right away. Try to take up about three-fourths of your plate with greens, so you’ll have less room for high-cal stuff.
Tip: Swap iceberg lettuce for darker greens, such as romaine lettuce or spinach, as they pack in more vitamins and minerals.
Some of the most nourishing foods at the salad bar are also the tastiest and lowest in overweight and calories. Objective to add these veggies to every salad:
red cabbage
If you have seldom eaten fruit in your salads, try adding cranberries, tangerine sections, sliced strawberries, apples slices or red grapes. They will add sweetness that you may miss in the event you go sans dressing, and they will boost your salad’s nutrition.
If you had a very successful salad, will share out…

Understanding these on the men’s health is very important!

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the kidney of the people, the kidney stores essence. The kidney strong is directly related to the health of man. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, excessive consumption of kidney yang, prone to cold, cold and pain sense, night urination, impotence and other diseases, to share with you today, several simple methods.
1, solid grip
The thumb in palm, finger ring finger (fourth fingers) in the root, then buckling the remaining four fingers, slightly forced, thumb grip, such as holding the baby to save general. Solid grip in the body spirit stick, usually walk, ride, chat, watch TV when they can hold.
2, raise the heel or foot
Heel raise five toe grip, legs close together, the levator ani abdomen, shoulder to the sink, project approving erector spinae, Baihui on the collar; downward bump enough physical relaxation, gently bite, first half to fall slowly, then light earthquake ground. Lift heel can pull back the leg bladder kidney, light earthquake ground can also massage the viscera.
3, hot water foot bath
The most suitable time for every night 7-9, this is the worst time of kidney qi and blood, the foot bath, massage can improve blood circulation, nourishing the kidney and liver to achieve. Foot bath container used to tubs as well. Feet of water, not too hot to 40 ℃ is appropriate. Soaking time should not be too long, with 15-30 minutes is appropriate.
4, with the heel walking
The best way of walking, step, heel first, do not bend the knee. Leg forward, toes pointed like a play; foot landing, on the back foot toe. Heel first, is actually the “kidney” acupoint stimulation. Often use this way of walking can be effective in prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.
5, three yuan exercise
Legs apart, shoulder width, hands by the sides forward hold in front of the abdomen, position and umbilical cord with high, arms round; at the same time, two knees slightly bent, center of gravity to sink. Two knees slightly open to both sides. The crotch to circle; back slightly arched, chest to contain, back to pull, make the waist back slightly backward arch, Mingmen GV4 open. So, before and after the left, up and down all round,The whole people is very perfect. This is a replenishing vitality basic exercise method. Often can make the kidney yuan abundant, bones and muscles strong.
6, friction Shenshu
And legs sitting on the bed, two hands to rub to palm fever, respectively in the back waist, massage back on renal point, to have a hot date. But sooner or later the again, each about 200 times over, can be invigorating kidney qi.
7, take a deep breath
Should choose when doing deep breathing fresh air environment, try to inhale through your nose. Breathing remained soft, slow, uniform, long. Take 6 deep breaths as a group. And then to adjust, can do. Chinese medicine said: Lord expiratory lung, kidney qi. “Huang Di Nei Jing” in the records, kidney have long, can Yin Shi south facing physical relaxation, the body back,With the strike of the back wall, measurable, borrow impact reacting force to back upright, so repeatedly, each time got hit 30 or so. Can do 2~3 times a day. Hit back function strong lumbar kidney, dredge main and collateral channels, Qi, yin and Yang balance.
Tip: the best time of day is the morning, 5 ~ 7, 11 ~ 1 at night, and morning Yang weakest strongest, night. Chinese medicine believes that the kidney essence, after the sex life of the kidney essence deficiency, if sex in the evening when the deficiency of Yang, deficiency of Kidney Yang will increase, and the morning was strongest when sexual life, is not easy to be weak.

Spring weight easily nine tips

Know how to lose weight fast? Lifting The new supersedes the old. can not only help you speed up the fat burning, but also to prevent the occurrence of a rebound phenomenon. Today to share with you a few big weight loss tips, help you speed up the The new supersedes the old. quickly lose down oh!
1, do more fat burning exercise
Regular aerobic exercise will help you burn more calories. And strength training can also be a slimming campaign to help you build muscle and increase the The new supersedes the old. Every day for 30 minutes of aerobic exercise can help you lose weight fast!
2, check your thyroid
One reason is The new supersedes the old. slow thyroid problems. If you stick to a regular exercise and healthy eating habits is not thin down, is very likely that your thyroid problems. To the hospital to do a check, just in order to be successful in weight loss, but also for your health.
3, eat red pepper
Pepper has loved, there are hot on it at a distance, but to eat chili can play a role in weight loss. Red pepper contains capsaicin stimulation system, body heat The new supersedes the old., accelerate fat burning effect. Want to lose weight, remember to eat chili thin faster oh!
4, drink Green Tea
Green Tea not only oil scraping effect, can help you improve The new supersedes the old. Research shows that drinking 3 cups a day, Green Tea people, The new supersedes the old. faster than not to drink Green Tea were about 4%. This is because Green Tea containing catechin, protocatechuic acid can increase body norepinephrine levels, and norepinephrine can accelerate the speed of The new supersedes the old., so drink Green Tea is really a kind of method reducing weight super healthy, enjoy.
5, eat much food less
Shaochiduocan is not a good method The new supersedes the old. slow. The heat of the day to ensure that at least 1200 cards, if less than this amount, for a period of time, The new supersedes the old. will drop. And eat meals can help you stabilize blood sugar levels, also has the very big help to improve The new supersedes the old.
6, do not excessive dieting
Do not think that diet can help you lose weight fast, it is 100 victims without a benefit for your long-term weight loss plan. Excessive dieting prone to hunger, can easily lead to overeating, will make your The new supersedes the old. at a low level. This will eventually cause metabolic consequences, is very unfavorable for weight loss.
7, assure to eat breakfast every day
If you want to burn fat faster, eat breakfast is a very important step. Because wake up later The new supersedes the old. will gradually return to normal levels, and gastric activity is very strong in the morning. A balanced breakfast can help you speed up the The new supersedes the old., accelerate fat burning.
8,Drink 2-3 glasses of milk a day
Research shows that, drink 2-3 glasses of milk a day can help you consume 70% more body fat. Because the calcium in dairy products and other substances can improve your body’s ability to The new supersedes the old., your body to burn fat faster transfer of information. According to the study, when a woman consumed 3 servings a day of dairy products and 1200 mg of calcium, will maximize the fat consumption.
9, to maintain a moderate weight
You have not thought about, why to lose weight so easy to see the effect, but will gradually slow down? This is because the fat man The new supersedes the old. faster, so, don’t pursue as thin body, that will not only harmful to health, can slow down your The new supersedes the old. oh! To maintain an appropriate weight can make your body more perfect, also can maintain The new supersedes the old. your body’s stability.

The rest of you the right way?

Why do you sleep for 11 hours and still feel tired? Why are you spending tens of thousands of go to the island nation off without increasing enthusiasm for life? The rest of us right? What is your understanding of the rest? A full night’s sleep? A crazy?
The true meaning of rest is to repair the fatigue, relax, let you when back to work and learn to feel is a person be full of go.
Psychological physiologist Sechenov did an experiment. In order to eliminate the right hand fatigue, he adopted two ways: one is to let the two hands rest, another is on the right hand still also left appropriate activities, and then the fatigue measurement device on the right hand grip strength test. The results show that, in the left hand movements, the right hand fatigue In addition to faster. This proof transformation activities is a positive way to rest.
Our common sense that we first response to fatigue is “go lie down”. But this is a trap. Sleep is an effective way of relaxing, but it mainly to the lack of sleep or manual application. But for the mental workers, can be in bed and lie, eyes closed resting, make the whole body muscle and nerve relax completely, rise again Activities.
Research also shows, mental workers one week at least two times to do aerobic exercise, “better than the rest effect sleep”.
About ten billion nerve cells in the cerebral cortex, functions are not the same, they are in a different way to array into joint function area each are not identical, activities of this region, another area to rest.
The rest is different
★ the weekend the sleep early.
The 10 point to sleep, and then get up at 7, did not walk the streets, or have a look you have never had the opportunity to see the morning theatre, you’ll find out this day can and do a weekend in the past are not the same.
★ something you have never been to the alley, go through it.
You’ll find out that you feel bored of the city, in fact you are not fully appreciate the beauty of it.
★ to another city to find not the same.
Go to a place, the place itself be curious, to own this trip will know how to be good, feeling his own life experiences of phenomena in the world.
★Learn a new skill.
Such as dancing, drums…… Exercise 2 hours every weekend.
★ do another new work
Psychologists have found that, methods to relieve nervous, is to deal with the problems to be nervous to solve. There was general manager of a mental collapse please a doctor gives treatment recommendations, he receives the prescription is to go to the zoo when a trainer, a month later, the manager complete recovery.
So, when the pressure is particularly great, you can be your own to find another job, but not with your occupation is similar. For example, go to the orphanage volunteer work, or go to a complex machinery factory from an apprentice, or do a super complex mathematical problems.
We are tired from the existing immutable and frozen life tired. So the best rest project that can allow us to live and work enthusiasm activities found.
If you do one thing, to be happy sigh “tomorrow is another day”, and that this thing for you is the best recovery enthusiasm, emotion regulation.

Ten thin cable diet, do not miss!!!

Grapefruit or grapefruit, eat grapefruit diet has been popular for a long time, revered by many dieters, because grapefruit contain lots of vitamins and antioxidants, while just 76 calories, a low calorie. In addition, combined with rich in potassium, therefore has the good improvement to lower body obesity and edema. Research shows, add more cellulose food can protect the heart, vascular health, and grapefruit and inhibit fat formation effect, so it is an ideal slimming food.
Papaya female friends is the most familiar food, because it has the effect of papaya breast breast, however the effect of weight loss is also very good. Papaya contains unique papaya enzymes, can rise to the decomposition of fat, protein, carbohydrate, promote The new supersedes the old., reduce excess body fat, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. Another point to mention is, papaya is of great help to solve the problem of skin care, plug the pores, skin thickening, make the skin younger moisture.
Can strengthen and regulate cardiac, increased ventricular, atrial movement amplitude and coronary artery blood flow, can reduce blood cholesterol, promote fat metabolism.
All berries are beneficial for the body, but the blue fruit is among the best. Research shows that: the blue berry antioxidant content is highest in the often eat fruit. Fiber content of each cup of berries is 3.6g. Fiber can play to prevent edible fat absorption. Then don’t again in a bowl of cereal, top with a few blueberries, simply a whole bowl of blueberries, sprinkle cereal in the above, then add milk or yogurt, it tastes good.
A cup of raw olive contains 34 calories, about 1.3g fiber, there are rich in iron and calcium. If you are not in the habit of olive taste, you can put olive mince mix cooked black beans. Or cut into strips, add a small amount of broth boil, add a few pieces of thin sliced oranges in cooked dishes, also will be better taste.
Corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, selenium and vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, e and carotene, also rich in fiber. Often eat corn can reduce cholesterol and soften the blood vessels, the role of adjuvant therapy of cholecystitis, gallstones and diabetes.
Tomato heat is very low, it is like tomatoes as fruit or snacks to eat, according to calculation, a medium-sized tomatoes just 40

Barre Basics: 5 Things to Know About Barre Workouts

Once I got hooked on barre-based workouts (first through Physique 57 and later through Exhale Spa, where I became a Core Fusion devotee), I wanted to try every possible variety. There’s Pure Barre, The Bar Method, Barre3 (which I recently tried in L.A. and loved!), and countless others. I certainly have my favorites, but no matter which barre class you try, there are a few things to keep in mind that will help you with them all.
1. Use your core.
The class is based on a dancer’s workout (the Lotte Berk Method), so proper posture is crucial. No matter what move you’re doing, keep your back straight, your shoulders down, and your core engaged the entire time. You’ll get much better results if you use correct form.
2. Don’t count calories.
As we found out during our Jawbone experiment, activity trackers that monitor movement won’t accurately track the effort you put into a barre class, which uses very small, repeated movements, not big motions that a bracelet will notice. Don’t assume you’re not working hard just because you don’t see a big number on your wrist.
3. If you’re not shaking, you’re not working.
The thighs are the largest muscle group in the body, and barre classes really know how to work them. By squatting down while on your tip-toes, you’re firing up your quads and hamstrings to support your body weight and keep you stable. If you don’t start shaking within 20 reps, lift your heels up higher, and drop down lower. Shaking = changing.
4. Give yourself a learning curve.
You won’t be able to do everything right away. In fact, you’ll probably have to stop and take a break many times throughout the class. That’s totally normal. Keep at it, you’ll get it! Like Core Fusion cofounder Fred Devito says, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”
5. Get the right gear.
Don’t come to class in baggy pants and an old T-shirt. Wear formfitting clothes that let you see your body and help you ensure proper alignment. Most barre classes require grippy socks, but some allow you to go barefoot. Either way, come prepared with an outfit that lets you move, because you’re going to bend and stretch in all directions.
Do any of you have a favorite barre class? Tell me below in the comments. Oh, and what about a favorite/least favorite move? Mine is the Pretzel. I can’t do it!

Why Big, Bold Cara Delevingne Brows Could Work for Anybody-Even you!

I'm not a look-at-me kind of person and I have dark blond hair, so I never thought I'd be the type to go for the Cara Delevingne brow, but that's just what inadvertently happened. It all started a few months ago when I decided to bleach my brows so they would better match my hair — no one told me that bleaching can result in hairs turning orange after a few days! Whilst complaining about walking around feeling like an Oompa Loompa, a friend suggested I try Anastasia's Tinted Brow Gel — which turned out to be a miracle worker! It applies easily with the swipe of a mascara-like wand and once you let it dry, you don't have to worry about it coming off in a raccoon eye-mascara kind of a way no matter how much you sweat.
I wanted something more permanent, however, so I stopped by Completely Bare's Browlab for tinting. I was told that the only way to cover up all the orange was to go dark. A few minutes later my eyebrows were nearly black. It was a shock at first because my face suddenly was considerably more defined and almost severe looking, but it didn't take me long to get used to my new brows. The darker brows help frame and define my face, something that's especially important when not wearing any makeup. It's key, however, to have perfectly groomed brows if you go dark, as imperfections are more readily noticeable. Browlab is awesome for shaping; it's run by famed brow stylist to the stars Joey Healy and since it's them that I credit for my fantastic brows, I asked Healy for some insight on how to get Delevingne's perfectly bold brows.
"Cara Delevingne's bold brows have become a source of discussion in the beauty world. They are thick yet defined, full yet groomed and dense yet manicured. In order to achieve the perfect bold eyebrow, the three most important things to remember are proportion, balance and facial harmony. The perfect balance of the three results in thick brows that are feminine and refined."
To get bold brows on your own, Joey Healy recommends following these steps:
The best tool for eyebrow regrowth is patience. For four weeks there should be absolutely no tweezing or hair removal, including strays. This is extremely important to remember because every hair looks like it is a stray until there are two more hairs close to each other.
It is essential to use an eyebrow serum, preferably one with peptides. My Brow Renovation Serum has essential peptides that strengthen the hair follicle to support healthier and fuller eyebrows and improve the health of the surrounding skin for thicker growth. Directions for usage: Use morning and night for 6 weeks, then nightly thereafter. Apply in the morning after your skincare regimen and allow ten minutes dry time before makeup application. Apply nightly on clean face, just before bedtime.
Tinting is an immediate way to obtain fuller, thicker brows. Tinting the brows is the best way to instantaneously create a more prominent look because tinting makes sure every hair is working its hardest to give a strong, dense brow. This includes baby hairs, those that may have a blonde highlight from the sun and even pesky greys. Tinting eyebrows makes sure all hairs are accounted for and contributing to the eyebrow shape as a whole.
Don't trim any eyebrow hairs. One of the biggest mistakes people make is trimming their eyebrows. Sometimes the greatest asset in someone's overall eyebrow appearance is the length of the hairs. When trimming eyebrows, someone could potentially be giving themselves gaps or holes that will be revealed after combing. All hairs should generously overlap with their neighbor in order to create a thick, full appearance. It is important to trim only where the hair is particularly coarse and when guided by a professional.
Book a visit with an eyebrow professional. Achieving the perfect, thick eyebrow is not a DIY job. It is important to visit a professional that educates you on how to maintain eyebrows on your own to touch up in between appointments. It is also important to book an appointment with someone that only tweezes rather than waxing and threading. These types of hair removal methods remove too much hair at one time where tweezing allows for more control and deliberate removal of individual hairs.

7 Things to Remember if You’re an Introvert

If you're an introvert, there have probably been more than a few instances that have left you uncomfortable. Whether it's small talk or turning down an invitation to a party, there are often a few things you have to remember if you're an introvert. It can be easy to feel uncomfortable if you're not like those who love to hang out with large groups of people or go to karaoke bars. Rather than feel uncomfortable the next time you're in one of these situations, try to remember these tips!
1. You Don't Need to Be at Every Party
If you're like me and always feel guilty for missing things, like parties, stop. It's perfectly fine if you want to skip a party every now and then. Don't let guilt put you in situations you don't want to be in. If you're an introvert, you probably don't always to be at that party, and you probably don't want to be in big crowds all of the time. That's okay!
2. You Might Be More Productive Alone
You might enjoy study groups and working in coffee shops, but you most likely prefer to work alone. If you do, don't feel bad. It's fine to love to work by yourself, and you may find that you're even more productive on your own than in a group of people!
3. Don't Let Yourself Shut down
As an introvert, you need time to recharge and recuperate after you've spent copious amounts of time in social situations. Rather than let yourself get to a point where you physically cannot keep going, try to recognize beforehand that you need a break. Your body and mental wellbeing will thank you!
4. You Don't Need to Come out of Your Shell
Everyone probably tells you to come out of your shell. I know that I personally can't count how many times I've been told this. You don't need to come out of your shell, unless you're becoming a shut-in, and then you have a different problem altogether. If you're not a shut-in, don't worry about the people telling you to change your life. Do what works for you.
5. Try Writing
Introverts often communicate better when they're writing. Whether you prefer writing to in-person communication, or just need to write in a diary to get your thoughts out, writing might be the perfect hobby for you. It's solitary, and can help you clear your thoughts.
6. You Don't Need a Lot of Friends
This goes back to coming out of your shell. You probably have a few good friends. You don't need hundreds of friends, especially as an introvert. If you have one or two good friends, that's all you need. You probably prefer it that way anyway!
7. Don't Be Scared of New Activities
It can be easy to close yourself off from any new experiences. You're unsure and nervous. Don't be afraid! Try to adjust to the situation by watching before fully assimilating into it, and you won't be as nervous to try something new!
Are you an introvert? Do you ever have these problems or experience something similar? What do you do to try to fix the problem? My go-to tip is to always just remove myself from situations I don't want to be in, whether I'm feeling uncomfortable, or simply don't feel like socializing anymore. Let me know your tips for introverts in the comments!

Shoes Can Make or Break Workout and weight loss

Shoes can make or break work is an interesting statement. But you’ll find that it’s very true, no matter what type of workout you’re doing.
Shoes and Running
Nowhere else can the importance of proper shoes be seen than when running. Running and jogging are two of the most common types of exercise, which is why nearly every gym around the world has at least a handful of treadmills.
Runners don’t need too much stability when doing a low-intensity workout–such as jogging for 45 minutes. What they do need is cushioning, as the running involves a lot of impact on their joints. The shoes need support for their arches, as well as cushioning for the heels.
A good pair of shoes can make running for longer easier, so make sure to get a pair of shoes built for running.
Shoes and Bodybuilding
You may not think you need a good pair of shoes to lift weights, but the right shoes are a must. The shoes will help to reduce the strain on your knees, ankles and toes, and will give you good stability as you lift. The shoes can help you to maintain proper posture, which will in turn reduce your risk of injury. They’ll also provide support for your ankles, ensuring you are protected as you work out your legs.
Finding the right shoes for bodybuilding can be a bit more challenging. You may not want too thick of a sole, so minimalist or barefoot shoes can be ideal for some. If you want a bit more cushioning, you may want to consider special shoes designed specifically for bodybuilding.
The Four S’s of Shoes
No matter what you’re going to do, consider the Four S’s of Shoes:
Size: Too small and they crush your toes (causing pain), too large and they don’t offer sufficient stability.
Stability: Keep those ankles supported and provide a stable platform for your foot to press off of.
Shape: Find a shape that matches the curvature of your foot, as it will provide adequate support.
Style: The style of the shoes should match the use they will receive (i.e., basketball shoes for basketball, running shoes for running, etc.)
With the wrong pair of shoes, injuries are all but guaranteed–perhaps not today, but in the near future. With the right pair of shoes, it’s one less thing to distract you from paying close attention to doing that workout just right.
Shoes and Cardio Machines
Cardio machines like the stairmaster, the elliptical trainer and the stationary bicycle can be found everywhere–both in homes and gyms. These machines are built for low impact workouts, so there’s less strain on your joints.
The proper shoes will help to make the workouts on these machines easier. The workouts are low impact, but they still work the joints–often more than a run. The best shoes for a cycling machine will likely have a thinner sole than a pair of shoes used for running, but the shoes need some cushioning to reduce the strain on your joints.
Shoes and Sports
It goes without saying that you need the right pair of shoes for the sport that you play. Basketball involves a lot of running and jumping, so stability, support and cushioning are a must. Baseball, football and soccer involve running and sudden changes in direction, so the shoes need cushioning as well as good traction.

Archaeology and Modern Art

When British archaeologist Leonard Woolley discovered in December 1927 the tomb of Puabi, the queen/priestess of the Sumerian city of Ur during the First Dynasty of Ur more than 4,000 years ago, the story rivaled that of Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt just five years earlier. “Magnificent with jewels,” as Woolley described it, Puabi’s tomb contained the bodies of dozens of attendants killed to accompany her in the afterlife — the ideal material for a headline-grabbing PR campaign that momentarily shouldered Tut out of the spotlight. A new exhibit at New York’s The Institute for the Study of the Ancient World titled From Ancient to Modern: Archaeology and Aesthetics puts Puabi back in the spotlight to examine how archaeology and aesthetics intersected, transforming ancient art into modern and making modern art strive to be ancient.
As Jennifer Y. Chi (chief curator at the ISAW) and Pedro Azara explain in their catalog essay, “Archaeology and Aesthetics is the first U.S. exhibition to include a fascinating mixture of Early Mesopotamian art from iconic archaeological sites, as well as a rich grouping of archival material, alongside modern and contemporary works of art.” The exhibition “presents the ‘biography’ of objects, illustrating their discovery and transformation, be it into a virtuoso work of art, a cultural symbol, or a popular icon.” Chi and Azara’s punning “Glam-Ur-Ous” captures the project’s mission in one perfect portmanteau by mashing together the ancient Ur with the modern idea of glamour to achieve the synthesis we know today — a non-neutral appreciation of ancient objects for modern meaning.
When Woolley’s team first discovered Puabi’s tomb they marveled at the wonders left untouched by tomb raiders for millennia, but also despaired at the collapsed ceiling that crushed many of those same remains, including Puabi’s skull and the elaborate golden headdress surrounding it. Woolley’s wife and fellow archaeologist, Katharine Woolley, took up the challenge of reconstructing the golden headpiece. A fashionista of the time, Katharine borrowed (consciously or unconsciously) from the fashions of her time, coming up with a headpiece similar to the trendy creations of designer Paul Poiret (shown above). Thus, ancient Ur met the Jazz age.
Not only did Puabi’s accessories get a modern update, but also Puabi herself became the recipient of a modern makeover when curators “recreated” her face and she ended up looking like Greta Garbo, the most beautiful woman in the world circa 1928. Kim Benzel cautions in the catalog of the dangers of this updating: “Is not every discussion about the image of Puabi, in whatever form one wishes to accept that image, ignoring that we, the discussants, are removing her from her original context? That is, are we not exposing an image that was in all likelihood never meant to be seen, or whose power lay not in the literal seeing of it?” Ancient Ur buried Puabi and her riches for a reason beyond simple mortality, but the “second life” modernity’s given her, no matter how “glam-ur-ous” bears little to no resemblance to the original reality or even intended fantasy.
The show shifts quickly from archaeology to aesthetics when modern artists come into play. Until the mid-19th century, little to nothing was known of ancient Sumerian culture. Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome dominated not just archaeology, but also the popular imagination’s concept of the ancient “other.” Just as African art provided a model of the “primitive” for Picasso and others to incorporate into their art, the discovery and display of Sumerian works such as those of Puabi’s tomb served as a fruitful example of “primitive” art ripe for modern appropriation. “The ‘primitive’ as such was a collection of visual attributes construed by the West as universally characteristic of primal artistic expression,” Jack D.M. Green and Jean M. Evans explain in the catalog. “The result was a blank slate onto which Western meanings and perceptions were projected, fantasized, and realized.” Just when modern artists looked for the next new thing free of the taint of tradition, they surprisingly found it in 4,000-year-old artifacts.
Works by Henry Moore, Alberto Giacometti, and Willem de Kooning in the exhibition clearly show the influence of Sumerian art on their modern art. For Moore, freshly self-exiled from his academic training, Sumerian sculpture such as the Diyala statuettes seemed “the simplicity and expression of life … [whose] austere heads and hands were a sign of true humanity,” argue Chi and Azara. Giacometti, however, “created a series of drawings that embraced the image of Gudea, emphasizing the geometric patterns that structured the sculpture.” Finally, de Kooning, after studying the Tell Asmar statuettes, painted his controversial Woman series, with the “strong frontality and … wide, staring, hypnotic eyes that are so intimately connected with Sumerian sculpture.” Placed side by side (as the exhibit and well-illustrated catalog do well), the ancient and modern works clearly speak to one another — a dialogue in which each side shapes the other.
The show’s final shift is, as Green and Evans describe it, “from aesthetics to politics.” If the 20th century looked to Sumerian art for inspiration, Sumerian art looks to the 21st century for survival. The ravages of war still threaten archaeological sites and cultural institutions in the Middle East. Contemporary artists such as Iraqi-Irish Jananne al-Ani and Jewish-Iraqi Michael Rakowitz close out the show with their works that document both the destruction of this heritage as well as the “ontological metamorphosis” in which the West has embraced elements of the art, but not always the living inheritors of that same tradition. Rakowitz’s colorful contemporary, Sumerian-style sculptures composed of modern advertising comment forcefully on this paradox.
“Just as they are transformed by our perception,” Chi and Azara write of the ancient works in the show, “may we be able to bear their scrutinizing eyes, which change us too by letting us discover a new world and new meanings for already known worlds.” From Ancient to Modern: Archaeology and Aesthetics wonderfully reminds us that we can never know something in a vacuum. We always bring our own interests and desires to the table. The key lies in recognizing bias to turn it into a strength rather than a blindness. Puabi probably didn’t look like Garbo, but there’s no harm in swapping iconic beauties as long as we know that’s what we’re doing. If you’ve ever wanted to understand the fascination of ancient art and archaeology, From Ancient to Modern: Archaeology and Aesthetics is the perfect spot to start digging.

What kind of Swimsuits Your Body Type suited?

“My curvaceous hips need a flattering suit. This swimsuit feels like it was made for girls with curves!”—Kate B.
Kate’s Suit Pick: Retro-Cut One Piece
why It Works:
• The vintage-inspired straight-across hem provides ample coverage.
• The cut of the suit, with curved side seams, accentuates the narrowness of the rib cage and helps even out Kate’s proportions.
• Ruching offers the bonus of disguising a tummy.

“Triangles just don’t cut it when you’re busty, like I am. I need lots of coverage and support up top. Recently I lost 25 pounds, so it’s time for a new suit! I like that this one covers my chest but is still a ton of fun.”—Orlagh V.
Orlagh’s Suit PickHigh-Neck Tank
Why It Works:
• The modest halter shows off curves—not cleavage.
• The high cut of the leg holes helps draw the eye away from the top.
• The way the top is cut means no dreaded under-armpit roll.

“Because I’m pretty athletic, I need a suit that stays put and also one that enhances my smaller chest. I love how the gathers in the top give me a fuller look. Plus, I never once felt the need to adjust!”—Megan H.
Megan’s Suit Pick: Classic Bikini
Why It Works:
• Extra fabric, gathered at the center of the bust, adds volume.
• The top and bottom are more or less equal in size, producing a proportional look.
• The thin straps make the top look bigger by comparison. They also leave more of the collarbone exposed, taking the emphasis off the bust.

The Biggest Benefit Of The iStick 40W

This latest addition to the iStick line of VV/VW mods from Eleaf adds a whole new element to your ability to control and maximize your vaping experience.  The iStick TC40W unit has all the benefits of the standard 30W while providing some more power.  The game changer is that this unit now supports temperature control when used with Ni200 nickel coils.  Never have a burnt or dry hit again.  Nickel coil allows for this version of the iStick to prevent overheating your coils.

The Latest Box Mod From SMOKTECH !

It is proud to introduce the latest box mod from SMOKTECH , the X Cube II TC VW 160W Box Mod . The SMOK X Cube 2 is a substantial upgrade from the previous version; featuring a brand new redesigned body made of high-quality zinc alloy and stainless steel with a brushed-metal finish. The new X Cube II is an all-around better device from the first version because it’s more responsive, faster and more powerful.
The SMOK X Cube 2 is able to fire atomizers from 6W to 160W. The bigger OLED display screen is bright, allowing you to read the wattage, voltage, battery life, temperature control and other settings clearly. The standout feature of the SMOK X Cube 2 is the supported Bluetooth 4.0 technology and customizable LED light on the device, giving users the opportunity to choose between 16 million colors. Simply download the app (Smart BEC) from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and pair it using the Bluetooth technology. You are able to change the colors using the three based colors; red, green and blue.

The X Cube 2 provides a powerful output of 160 watts and a longer battery life. The box mod includes 16 wattage memory modes, allowing to easily switch between different wattages quicker. In temperature control mode, the SMOK X Cube 2 performs exceptionally well using the Ni200 coils/wire. Adjust the temperature between 200 degrees – 600 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees – 315 degrees Celsius. The temperature control feature allows you to avoid the dry burned hits, producing a smoother and purer tasting vape.

The SMOK X Cube 2 contains a replaceable battery design. The back door is held together by powerful magnets for easy access to the two 18650 batteries. The previous version contained an internal battery, but the upgraded version makes it easy with the compatibility of the 18650 batteries. SMOK has also significantly improved the 510 connection. The SMOK X Cube II features a spring-loaded 510 connection, allowing you to attach any of your favorite atomizers.

Lastly, the fire button is one long button that runs along the device. You can easily grip the X Cube 2 and fire the device much easier than others on the market. The SMOK X Cube 2 is a must have device. It contains temperature control, LED lights, BlueTooth 4.0, 160 watts and so much more. Impress your peers with the beautifully redesigned SMOK X Cube 2.

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SMOK X CUBE MINI is the mini version of X CUBE II. As one of the most accurate temperature-control mods, X CUBE MINI features three new functions: Intelligent Coil Recognition, Adjustable Temperature Coefficient of Resistance and Adjustable Initial Resistance, which are designed to bring your vaping experience to the next level. It has 75W maximum output,Bluetooth 4.0 technology, and a customizable LED that potentially illuminates in up to 16 million colors. And there many more functions are waiting for you to discover.

Vintage Damask Sticker For Your Eleaf iStick TC40W

Eleaf iStick 40 Watt 2600mAh Battery , of course , there are four nice color for you to choice , but if you want to make the battery that belong to you is more specail , you can DIY it and decoration it use Sticker .
If you like Chinese traditional culture,The Vintage Damask skin design for your Eleaf iStick TC40W is the perfect image to give your device that unique look and style. and give you a specail look .

Where To Buy Official Authorized Reuleaux RX200 ?

DO you know there is a new battery , Wismec Reuleaux RX200 200W TC VW Box Mod Battery ,for your vaping ? The new and powerful chip has a maximum output of 200 watts and advanced temperature control functions including Titanium, Nickel and Stainless Steel modes.
200 Watt , That can really give you a very powerful vaping exprience.Being powerful with the maximum output of 200W, the optional VW, TC-Ni, TC-Ti, TC-SS316 and TCR mode will provide you with different vaping experiences.The disign of this mod is also very special .look at the picture below :

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Do Eleaf iStick 100W TC Version Exists ?

Do Eleaf iStick 100W TC Version Exists ? if you ask me three weeks ago , I would tell you ,there is only iStick 100W ,don’t have TC 100W , But now , the Eleaf iStick 100W TC Version is coming and onsale .
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The TC100W Just like the series of the iStick battery, won’t let you down !The Eleaf iStick TC100W Features Hidden Fire Button, New TC-SS/TCR Mode,Replaceable Cells & Changeable Covers, Parallel Circuit Structure, Support Firmware upgrade.Powerful yet more intelligent, the new iStick TC100W is skillfully engineered with the latest temperature control system.
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About the MELO III Mini 2mL Sub Ohm Tank by Eleaf

Introducing the MELO III ( Melo 3 ) Mini Sub Ohm Tank by Eleaf. This sleek, low profile tank is great for an everyday carry and awesome for trying out different ejuice when hanging out with friends.
The unique form factor of the MELO III Mini Tank stands at only 55mm tall. And with a 22mm diameter, this 2mL capacity mini tank matches any smaller mod you’ve got. Designed for a premium subohm vape, the MELO III Mini can chuff. “Invisible” adjustable bottom airflow ensures that you are getting a fantastic inhale for an out-of-this-world vape. With all parts able to be disassembled, cleaning and maintenance for this tank is easy and simple. Go ahead and impress your friends with your tiny tank. Check out the MELO III Mini 2mL Sub Ohm Tank by Eleaf.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

iStick Pico Mod 75 watt with compact size!

This Eleaf iStick Pico 75 watt is so suitable to hold in your palm, sized by 45mm*23mm*70.5mm. Still 75 watt power output, is it amazing stuff? I think so.  Innovative design on its side with only fire button and screen display. Where are the adjustment buttons? A different design on this stuff is the location of adjustment buttons, placed on the bottom, beside the ventilation holes. Hold this tiny and compact stuff will give you so distinctive vaping experience.

Why you choose Eleaf iStick Pico?

You may be holding a iStick Pico mod in hand because this Eleaf stuff is really popular among vapers. Then which features impress you so much? I personably think it can be the powerful 75 watts output in this tiny and compact mod. It seems to be incredible that the small mod can have so high power output. Yeah, you don’t need to doubt its powerful functionality.  Except for this feature, you can still enjoy multi temperature controlled vaping experience(Ti/Ni/SS/TCR). Also similar operation methods you can use on this Eleaf mod!Hurry to start up different vaping on iStick Pico Mod!

Use Kanger Drip Box Starter kit to help you to quit smoking

We all know that smoking is harmful to our health, then what should we do to quit it? There is one easy way to quit is to vaping instead of smoking. Speaking of this, which e-cig should you choose as a new vaper? The Kanger Drip Box Starter kit is suitable for you. This starter kit featured many protection systems so you don’t have to worry about the safe issues.

Replacement coils for Kangertech TOPBOX Mini 75W TC Starter Kit

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Features about Kanger Drpbox 160 TC kit black

The Kanger Drpbox 160 TC kit black features the venerable variable wattage output from 7 to a hundred and sixty watts. This by myself is pretty best, however the Dripbox a hundred and sixty TC additionally functions Temperature manage modes that helps Nickel (Ni200), Titanium (Ti), (SS) stainless steel and Ni-chrome (NiChr) cord in temperature sensing mode, operating with a temperature range of two hundred-600 degrees (a hundred – 315 Celsius).

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