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Eleaf have no Mini 20W

Everyone of Eleaf fans knows Eleafworld.com is only one of Eleaf official site, you can search any product of Eleaf at there.
Recently, many site have update eleaf product have Mini 20W, with same size as mini 10w, and can output max wattage 20. At here, I can tell you, they are fake one, so you can’t shop any Eleaf Products at so online store. Only have Mini 10W and iStick 20W, without Mini 20W.
Mini Version only have Mini 10W, have no Mini 20W.Please tell your friends around you, buy any iStick Product you can visit Eleaf Official Authorized online store http://www.istick.org, any versions of iStick you can buy at here. and any questions you can ask at their Professional facebook page https://www.facebook.com/istick.org , someone would answer you as soon as possible!

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