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How Much You know About ELeaf iStick 100W ?

The first thought that comes to mind when attempting to identify the source of this recent anti-vaping campaign, is that it is being funded and advocated by the tobacco industry. It sounds very logical—more and more people are quitting traditional cigarettes and turning to electronic cigarettes instead. This results in lower tobacco sales, which hurts Big Tobacco.but it is far from the truth . Eleaf a barrage of launching new products , the newest battery is iStick 100W .
How Much you know about this nice battery ?
The iStick 100W may be a new addition to the iStick series. The one hundred watts most output can provide you with a strong vaping experience. Designed with changeable 18650 cell structure, it’ll be a lot of convenient for users WHO wish to carry spare cells. The ventilation holes square measure specially additional for higher temperature reduction. With a spherical and sleek surface, our iStick 100W will provide you with a good feel in your hand.When victimization iStick 100W with iJust a pair of TC spray, you’ll get pleasure from a strong vaping expertise.

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