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iStick 100W , So Cheap !

As we all know that iStick 50W in iStick.org is at a price of $49.90 ,it is very popular before . there is a new products coming , that is iStick 100W by Eleaf, you can’t believe it , the paice of it is only $41.90 ,that is really very very cheap .

The iStick 100W is a new addition to the iStick series. The one hundred watts most output can provide you with a strong vaping experience. Designed with changeable 18650 cell structure, it’ll be a lot of convenient for users who wish to carry spare cells. The ventilation holes square measure specially additional for higher temperature reduction. With a spherical and sleek surface, our iStick 100W will provide you with a good feel in your hand.
iStick 100W with a huge output of it,and it also with a changeable structure. but how much you know the magnetic battey back cover and other good features , you can click http://www.istick.org/istick-100w.html to know more about it !

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